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Instant Karma

I just made a small donation to the Brisbane Flood Appeal. I would much rather have gone there to help with the cleanup but I can't afford to go down the street, much less to Queensland. I also checked their website and it said that the only way to help was to send money. They probably have enough people standing around with nowhere to go.
Five minutes later I opened the letterbox. There was a Gift Voucher inside for 20 cents more than I had given which made me feel pretty good.

I'm not sure if anyone overseas has seen the terrible images from the Queenland floods. About a third of the state seems to be underwater including Brisbane, Australia's third largest city. Lives have been lost, so have crops and livestock. Houses and cars have been swept away, shops inundated. Thousands of homes are without power,  bridges and ferry terminals have been have been washed away, towns are cut off and transport is at a standstill. It's to be expected that new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is there to offer support, but it was also nice to see ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, wading in to help in a very personal way. Occasionally there are lighter moments too. I just watched "The Drift" a  floating waterfront restaurant (empty, fortunately and looking like a great big wedding cake), break free of its moorings and drift majestically into a bridge. It's not funny for the owners of course, but it was a bit like watching the Titanic. You knew what was going to happen, but it was unstoppable and inevitable and I couldn' t help thinking that perhaps they should have called it something else.

Spare a thought for Brazilians and Sri Lankans as well
 I see that there have been huge floods in Brazil and Sri Lanka  as well. In Brazil more than 600 people losts their lives and one hundred thousand people have lost their homes. In Sri Lanka, though the death toll is lower, 1.7 million people are homeless. Ultimately houses and roads can be rebuilt and crops can be replanted, but no amount of money can ever replace a family member. We hope you are all safe and let me know if there is any way I can help.

It's still raining here too. There is flooding in Northern Tasmania as well. My fig tree thinks it's autumn and has shed all its leaves. Only the tree ferns are happy. They are a rainforest species.