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The Real Chocolate War

The Post Christmas chocolate eating orgy is almost over.

Here I am down to the last  of the Christmas chocolates - you know those with the squishy pink centres, the Turkish delight and one green chocolate frog, and it is now a political decision -
a matter of putting one's mouth where it will do the least harm or the most good, as to where the next ones should come from. Absolutely nothing is value free these days. In case you are wondering how I came by so much chocolate in the first place, it's because my daughter visited the Chocolate Factory while she was here.[The Cadbury Building is still here, but our Chocolate Factory if it ever was ours not just British shareholders,' now belongs to Kraft and the classic purple Milk Chocolate is now made in New Zealand].

The current Aavez campaign, 
is about putting pressure on the companies which are indirectly funding the dictatorship in the Ivory Coast and a brutal regime of repression.

Greenpeace recently had a successful campaign involving chocolate  too 
In that case it revolved around preventing more rainforest destruction and protecting Orang Utan habitat.

If you would like reasons not to eat chocolate at all, just watch Episode of 7 of the current series of "Bones." Not only is there a revolting dead body inside a giant chocolate, but Temperance Brennan, the Jeffersonian' s forensic anthropologist and based on a real character, goes on about permitted levels of rodent droppings, hair, dead insects and dirt. I have also read that somewhere else but can't remember where. Not that it seems to have deterred me. However, there is also evidence that people who eat dark chocolate have lower rates of heart attack. I'm going with that one for the moment. At least till I have finished all these.

Enjoy! But don't forget to sign the petition!