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Belated April Fool's Day greetings

Oops! almost missed it. One of my favourite days of the year. Haven't prepared any gags like the classic International Spaghetti Harvest Festival once presented by the ABC but I'll give it some thought and save it for next year if necessary. I'll just show you a couple of signs that I have been collecting. They are not a joke, just crazy enough in themselves.

I am not sure if Milk Crate is a place or an object but Useless Loop is a very apt name for the road

Hey, they forgot mention the sharks!

False advertising

Where's the tree?

Catchier than the usual seatbelt signs

You see these a lot. Makes you wonder

Garage with Ned Kelly on top at Coolgardie. Ned Kelly was a bushranger. You could say that at least this mechanic is honest

Scary Cat Letterbox in Kin Kin, Qld
Cow, same place

Puffer fish. Competition is fierce in Kin Kin

Mixed Messages at Uni
Not a joke! This is a black carrot I just bought at Coles. I'll let you know how it tastes!

There were a couple of attempts to celebrate the day with a headline vanishing from the front page of The Australian Financial Review,  Ikea featuring a highchair for dogs and the Sydney Morning Herald  having a job ad for a senior doughnut hole puncher (all reported by Strewth, in the Weekend Australian, April 2-3, 2011:13).

Later ....Hmmn. The black carrot from Coles (The fresh food people) - if you found it in your fridge you would carefully put it in the compost-  tastes rather earthy and not as sweet as a normal carrot. It also made the broccoli go a strange brownish- purple colour, but it was interesting as many of the heritage vegetables are. Makes you realise how bland and standardised  much of our food has become. And sometimes why.