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Cheap Flights

I'm heading off to Perth next week to play Grandma for a while. Cheap flight of course and I'm not paying myself, but I'll be watching closely to see if Jetstar is better than Tiger. The last time I flew Tiger airlines their add -on charges made them dearer than Jetstar and I had a big row with them. Anyway, I mentioned this to my ex- sister -in -law and she promptly sent me this. Too true alas!

I did ask them if I could get a discount for bringing my own personal flotation device, but I see someone has already thought of that. There are possibly worse airlines than Tiger, that I have not yet tried.  Another clip on the fine art of baggage handling follows. One thing I did rather like at Tiger was the way they had Tiger paw prints all the way out to the shed at the outer limits of the airport where you boarded. Take your lunch. There isn't much to eat out there.