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Music for the cynical soul

It's been a bit bleak and rainy here today so I have been looking for some new music. Listening to my old CDs makes me sad. I thought I was onto something when I heard this song on a film the other night. 

Alas, it turned out to be from the 1970’s and that the singer had been dead since 1975. I immediately remembered something Imre Salusinszky said way back in January (The Australian, 5/1/2011)
Referring back to his 1980 Diary, he had written:

“Wednesday, December 31, 1980.
Another year over, and I have realised something odd: all popular music released since January 1 has been absolute crap.
I am sure it’s a temporary aberration and the flow of fine music will soon resume. I mean, (imagine the alternative: sitting around 30 years from now and still listening to the music of the 1960s and 70’s!).”

Fortunately, I did manage to find one new spark  -Adele, who has a really strong voice.

I am also quite partial to Tim Minchin whom I have seen live in Perth and fronting the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on ABC2 the other night. Not only musically talented, but extremely witty and not exactly politically correct. Please do not look him up if you are squeamish or easily offended.

Lazy boy's Underwear Goes Inside the Pants from 2006 could fall into this social comment category as would their Facts of Life, although they play beautifully as well. If you just prefer the music go for  their  Police Dog's Bonfire  which is purely instrumental. Under this heading you might also like The Shins especially New Slang  from their 2001 album Oh, inverted world. I am also still very fond of  the multiskilled Xavier Rudd whom I will include here, since he is unlikely to upset anyone and does play quite frequently in Europe.

I am eternally grateful to my offspring for introducing me to most of these or yes,  I would still be listening to Bat out of Hell.  Not that I have anything against Meatloaf  -on the contrary, he's a lovely person and he still rocks, but even he is sick of playing his old songs all the time.
I am still trying to find that very haunting Ethopian jazz I heard while travelling over the highlands of Iceland, with Cedric and Philippe,  so come on guys, or anyone else who may know, please drop me a line and let me know who that female singer was and what you are you listening to these days, apart from recycled music. What are you listening to in Brazil? I know we have at least one Brazilian reader.
I did mention that I was over rap didn't I,  and not so keen on drum 'n' base or classical. Almost anything in between considered.
By the way, Siggi, Heimar and friends (Iceland), when do I get a clip of  I love you Lucy Lou?
Meanwhile, here's a not so cynical new one with rather nice graphics,

I see someone else finally managed to get the Comments to work. Thanks guys. It makes me feel better about wasting so much time.

Running around in my head White Flag