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Our Easter Bunny has arrived and Happy Easter to you all!

 It been all systems go since I arrived in WA. ( Not too many regrets about leaving Tas. It rained solidly for the last two days!).  First up when I got here there was an end of term concert with some excrutiating singing and this was followed by a Teddy Bear's Picnic for the younger ones. Mum - to - be was a bit subdued throughout and ended up going to hospital at around midnight, about one week early. The new baby - another little girl, arrived at around 4 a.m. much to the surprise of all concerned.

With a birthday celebration due the next day, there was a bit of midnight cake baking and decorating to be done but the Miss newly turned Five, expressed herself duly pleased with the result. The paternal grandparents also arrived.

The Birthday Surprise!

In between visits to check on Mum and the new baby, there were eggs to paint  and cards to make and the new bike to ride. Miss Five rides with her new gum boots on a tiara she has made.

The girls supervise Dad bathing the new baby sister
 Tomorrow we are having an Easter Egg hunt  and then we will be celebrating another Birthday for Miss soon- to -be Three, so don't be upset if you don't hear too much from me for a bit.
Here's one of the cards we made.
We hope you all have a lovely Easter too!