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Footnote: Pondering the Omnipotent Mind

You may have noticed small ads appearing at the bottom of posts.
You will probably see different ones at different times, particularly if you are in another country. These are automatically put on by Google search engines working on keywords.
I have nothing to do with what appears, but I am absolutely fascinated by some of the results.

For example, when I wrote on "Surviving The Overland Track (February)," there was an ad at the bottom for survivalists.
When I wrote about national mourning with respect to Korea's World Cup Defeat, there were ads for Grief Counselling and when I wrote about the chaotic traffic in Korea, there were ads for Defensive Driving Courses in Melbourne.

At the moment, this is a private blog - ie only people I tell about it can read it, but a lot of people are saying I should go public so if you see any big mistakes or spelling errors let me know
If anyone minds their picture being shown or their names being given, please let me know that too.