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Keep up your English!

It will be a while before robots replace humans as translators.
Instant translation is magic and as amazing as it is hilarious. I always wondered how they did that at international conferences. Now I understand why everyone looks so puzzled and perhaps why, after 61 years of operation the UN still has great difficulties in achieving its objectives.

How does the European Parliament manage?

Here are a few excerpts from the German translations of my blog. Haven't had time to look much yet, but you''ll see what I mean.

  • Teller as in a person in a bank who takes your money is translated as storyteller
  • Where I asked about whether the little girl I called Betty was Patty, it has translated Patty as pastetchen or little pastry
  • My absolute favourite though is this one. In that Granny Appleby poem -in the Don't call me Granny! post, it translates "My Charlie won't get fed tonight" as "My Charlie won't get any Federal agents tonight."

The Grammar is of course utterly bizarre, so do not rely on this method to find out what the stories are about or to improve your knowledge of English.

I would be very interested in how the Korean looks.

Cheers for now,