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Are you up for a Spot of Bear Hunting?

They wave from windows

There may not be many Easter Egg Hunts this year, but you might like to try a Bear Hunt, especially if you have children. 

These are in a shopfront

Since we are confined to our neighbourhoods and many children are out of school, Bear Hunting is taking off all over Australia so that children have something to look forward to when they are out for a walk.  I saw some myself today which made me curious. Unfortunately I was a bit short of bears  so we now have a spotted giraffe in the window. 

When you have run out of bears to find, here are some ideas which you CAN try at home. I have 'borrowed' most of them from Belladonna’s lovely post in Weekend Notes, especially this one.
  •       Listen to children’s writer Michael Rosen, read his 1989 Picture Book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations. 

  •    Read other bear stories. Read about Paddington Bear or about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger or about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Draw a picture to illustrate something from the story

There are lots of other furry friends about too

  •  When my children were little we used their bears to do re –enactments of the Three Bears story using them like puppets. We also used them to play hospitals. A few props like Band-Aids and strips of white cotton for bandages made it more realistic. 

  • Is it raining? It might be time for some Bear Crafts.  There are some great ideas on the ABC’s Play School - loved the sandbox garden and the treasure hunt in this one, but there are lots of others. I really like making these butterflies from old magazines. You could put some in your garden. 
  •  Bears like Honey, right.  Perhaps a grown -up could help you make Easy Honey Joys 
  •  If they are too busy, you could make treats for bears out of playdough. Here's a great recipe that adults could make. Gingerbread Playdough  [For Mums and Dads  - This one lasts a really long time and smells like the real thing so make sure the children don’t eat it! I put glitter in mine, but you could colour it to make it look less like cookie dough]. 
  •   Now it's time for a Teddy Bears' Picnic in the garden or the lounge room. Don't forget to invite the dolls or other toys! Sing along with the song.  

  • Or do the actions for this one:  


  •   Put some bears in your window for other children to enjoy - giraffes, rabbits and other furry friends are OK too. It will make self isolation so much more bearable.

This one has a very special message for all those in isolation