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Of Flying Pigs and Fake Trees - Happy 2011 Everyone!

 The Flying Pig

Pigs symbolise Good Fortune and Prosperity in many cultures and I certainly wish you those, but the flying pig seen here in a local Garden Supplies shop means something else. It is about  things that are unlikely to happen. I have just looked over my New Year  Resolutions  - e.g. give up smoking yet again, get a real job, get a makeover, get new glasses, get a new boyfriend - and yep, I can see all those little piggies strapping on their wings, putting their seatbelts on and turning their mobiles off.

This pig had a few friends which I will add to my bad taste collection - expensive too at $500 on special and I'll introduce them to you too, along with another fake tree for that collection which seems to be growing all too quickly. I found one in Canberra too.

A Little Bull

Some Cows
A Goat
Not sure if this is a Horse or a Bull

... this definitely looks like a bit of  a Bull 
Hey! I saw those first - see the Post "Wild Art" Sunday, April 4, 2010

I see graffiti is being recognised as a serious artform too. There are at least three earnest books about it  in the current bookshop catalogue 

And a Fake Tree too

This one in Canberra is only half fake and probably a good use of dead trees,
but I must say I prefer live ones

And I told a lie - a porky in the local idiom. We are still getting a paper mill, the deal being that the timber company is simply moving out of the more sensitive areas, but the court cases continue...

But just in case you now think the place is completely devoid of culture, class and beauty, let me show you a couple of pictures of beautiful gardens I pass on the way to the shop.

May all your flowers bloom and all your dreams come true
and all your pigs take wing! 

I hear the fireworks starting so I am am going to have a look.
Cheers for now,