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The Robots are already here

They are already replacing the checkout girls. What will I do for social contact once Self -Service is the only option? I already use Netbank for my banking and don’t chat with the tellers any more.
In Japan, robots are performing weddings. They also have a robotic catwalk model.

Mind you, I noticed during my funeral research, that one of the real estate agents here is also licenced as a funeral celebrant. I’m not sure I like that. I can imagine him signing up grieving relatives at the same time. I think I would rather have a robot.

I am all for robots doing all the dirty work, but as we make ourselves redundant, robots should be made to pay enormous Income Tax. After all, they work 24 hours per day and need no sick leave or holidays, other than a little lubricant and maintenance occasionally. It would not only make them marginally less attractive in lieu of human labour, and their products less competetive, but it would enable us to buy what they make. They certainly wouldn't complain as much, just as they don't complain about things like  ridiculous hours, wages and working conditions and work –life balance. Nor are they likely to try to form unions.

Wonder if someone will now send me a robot?
After the GPS rant, one son has just sent me the song 'Coin Operated Boy'  by the Dresden Dolls and in the wake of the Technophobia one, a very dear Tekkie friend – my Inspector Gadget, has given me a wind -up charger for my phone.
The funeral directors have sent their brochure. Nice photos. No prices, but you do get a choice of which wildflowers you want on your plot.

While I was looking for Coin Operated Boy on You Tube I found another one Mechanical Boy which might be appreciated by younger readers.

I'm sure you will get the drift, (the idea, non English speakers) either way.