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Square Eyes

Miracles do happen! A new TV appeared on my doorstep on Friday just in time for the Friday night murder mystery. The courier couldn't tell me the source, so it took a little while to find out that my darling daughter had organised this. I like to think it was because she was worried about me falling off the balcony while trying to watch the neighbour's (not the neighbours, but the neighbour's television, though it's hard to say which would be the more entertaining), but most likely it was to stop me from complaining.

It is truly amazing. It is not one of the house -sized ones, but has an excellent picture and about fourteen channels that I have never seen before. Unfortunately, the programs aren't any better - mostly reruns and sport - but this is probably a good thing, or I wouldn't be sitting here now. By the way, I think I have found the answer to writer's block which I have been whingeing about as well.

It's no use sitting in front of a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper  trying to think of something to write. You just write yourself a long To Do list of things you should be doing and it's surprising how inspired you feel. OK, it's hardly Shakespeare or the Great Australian Novel, but at least it's something.

There was bit of a non -miracle too. I had just recharged my broadband account after which they tell you they have put you into a draw for electronic goodies, cash and so on. About ten minutes later I got a message on my phone saying that I had won $2,000,000. Nice timing, I thought as I emailed them back, fantasising briefly about new TVs (this was before the new one arrived), a treehouse spa, helping my children, saving the world etc.  Really $2,000,000 just doesn't go very far these days, but I wouldn't have complained.

Sadly, when I told one of my children about it, they assured me it was just a scam to get my email address so if you get strange emails purporting to be from me - well stranger than usual, just ignore them.