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Other Diversions - Down at the Bookshop

On Friday I had an invite to have lunch with Magda at her book signing. Magda Subianski is a very accomplished comedienne probably best known for her role as the long suffering Sharon in the witty Australian  TV show "Kath and Kim."
Trust me you don't want to queue jump these people. It reminds me of a Trans Siberian train ticket queue
Yes, well that was me and about two thousand other people. The queues stretched outside the bookshop and down the street. Books may well provide food for thought, but no other sort was likely to be forthcoming.
Stress is beginning to show

I made some women very cross when I excused myself to look at books on the other side of the queue. I sensed a few people were spoiling for a catfight. Magda herself looked very tired. I imagine she has had to go through the same performance in every little bookshop in the country.
She is a real trouper and deserves every cent she makes from the book, but I'm not staying.