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Joy indeed

Creative Tasmania
I am always delighted when I find art in unexpected places. A couple of weeks ago a rash of small white crosses appeared around the city emblazoned with the words “ So it goes” as immortalised in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel “Slaughterhouse Five,” though nothing  was offered by way of explanation. They were embedded in little piles of dirt at strategic locations such as the Bus Mall and bedecked with dried flowers.
See the pictures and read about it here:
Curious Crosses Mystery
This follows on from a series of knitted mice embellished with the word “Joy” which were also sprinkled about the CBD recently. While a mysterious Miss Marple has owned up to these and it is rumoured an art student is responsible for the crosses, their authorship remains a mystery to date.

Anything which awakens us out of our everyday somnambulism getS my vote and brings Joy indeed.