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After the smokers, where next for the Nanny State?

Smoking indoors, in workplaces, bars and restaurants was banned here years ago. Victoria has just banned smoking on its beaches and Tasmania recently banned smoking at sporting venues, bus malls and outdoor cafes. In Qld. There is some kind of law about not smoking in public parks or within so many metres of schools. While I agree that smoking is a nasty habit,  never smoke indoors, detest smoking in public and always bin my butts, I don't see why if we can have injecting rooms for other addicts, we can't have pleasant civilised smoking rooms like they do in Estonia.
I really liked some of the comments that followed this article. For example:

"I presume all the self-righteousness evidenced here is coming totally from non-drivers? Because I feel just the same way about your car emissions as you do about my smoking folks – it’s a filthy disgusting polluting habit and all motorists have absolute contempt for pedestrians and deliberately run them over (see? stupid generalisations aren‘t helpful are they?). Always dispose of my butts in portable ashtray or bin, take care not to inflict my smoke on others in public places. That’s more than you can say for any car-driver - indiscriminate pollution blasting forth anywhere and everywhere." - Linda
or maybe this one:

"The whole bay is toxic, and the river, a few more million butts only adds to the mix. If you want beaches, go to Queensland. They have machines that clean beaches now. Invest in a couple, you will only need them for a few weeks in summer, the rest of the year nobody will use the beach, it is to cold."
or this:
"Good to see all the anti-smoking Nazis are still alive and well ... get a life" - Adolph

And who will they pick on next when there are no smokers left? We have already had purges on drink drivers, speedsters and gamblers.  Will the next  to be demonised  be those among us who also disobey the rules of common sense and good health by consuming junk food and those who peddle it? Will there be gruesome warning labels on packets of crisps and soft drinks, icecream, biscuits and chocolates? Will they ban their advertising in public places and forbid the eating of junk food in films? Junk food advertising on children's programs has already been banned, but this only seems to ad to their appeal, just like denying young people the right to drink until they reach 18, by which time they begin binge drinking in earnest. Will there be no more product placements for things like McDonald's and Starbucks.  Will we be eating our sugared cereal in secret and out of brown paper bags and will it only be sold in plain brown wrappers, stored behind locked doors and sold to consenting adults after presentation of photo id? Will bakeries become Adults Only venues with no displays in shop fronts and will Mr. Whippy's icecream van be banned from places where children congregate such as parks and beaches and schools?

The airlines are already muttering about introducing fat taxes and they are already operating in the U.S.A. 
 The outlook is not encouraging. I just read an article that most contestants on The Biggest Loser and similar shows regain all the weight they lose and many end up being heavier than they were before
Same goes for WeightWatchers, Jenny Craigers and other crash diet victims, which does not bode well for the future.We will just be made to feel guilty failures without achieving anything.

I really liked the comments on this article too:

"... I actually find the weight-loss shows discussed above to be quite obscene, a form of 'emotional porn' and I don't watch them."

and especially this one.

"These TV shows are revolting. Combing the encouragement of self loathing and a freak circus. I hate the way they reduce participants to these drivelling losers who would all have a much better time if only they were thinner; so it buys into and perpetuates the whole pile of crap that is thin equals happy. That if you are a fattie you must be preoccupied with hating yourself (no society is preoccupied with that and dumps it onto the person) and food. Funny thing about that is I am surrounded by thin or skinny women who a) hate themselves and b) are preoccupied with what goes in their mouths. Isn't it time to move onto another group to demonise? Get rid of those foul shows!"
For a much more positive spin see the spoof ad produced by advertising companies for the Gruen transfer