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Another Mystery of the Universe Solved and a Case of Mistaken Identity

Aussie Brian Schmidt may have discovered the accelerating expanding universe, but I have discovered the filter in the heating and cooling system here.
The little girls are due to arrive here tomorrow so I have been busy cleaning and baby -proofing the place.  I was down on my hands and knees looking for the old paper clips and stray buttons that babies always manage to find, when I noticed that there was fluff poking out of the grille on the heater. I am always a bit nervous about taking apart things electrical, especially since I killed the piezo switch on the stovetop by cleaning it, so Hallelujah! I looked it up in the manual. It said that the power should be turned off and the filter should be cleaned every two weeks.  

Interesting. I have been home for a year now and never knew it existed and by the look of it - it looked like a layer of thick felt insulation, I would say that none of the previous owners ever knew it existed either. The manual said vacuum lightly, but vacuuming didn’t move it, so I spent an hour or so scrubbing it with a toothbrush. I also washed the Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Purifying gizmos inside and all three are now hanging on the line to dry.  Who said that there’s nothing more to be discovered?
Lost in Hardware Land

And this is one of their smaller stores
Not being very confident either when it comes to measuring things and sticking things to walls other than with Blutack, I made my youngest son come with me to the big hardware store yesterday to look at baby gates for the top of the stairs. The place was as big as an aircraft hangar and I kept thinking that I should have brought my GPS and that they should have moving platforms like they do at Changi Airport. Eventually though we did find what we came for, but somehow got separated between aisles 16 and 23 with my son in charge of the trolley.

Just before I caught up with him again, he ran into an old school friend whom he hadn't seen for years. When I got there, the school friend had apparently noticed the stuff in the trolley and was in the process of congratulating my son on his impending fatherhood. He looked at me in amazement; then he looked at my son and then he took another look in the shopping trolley. It took a while to explain what we were really doing, but it just proves that you shouldn't jump to conclusions based on what people have in their trolleys.

Saw this beast in the carpark. Tanya's husband Steve spent 2000 man hours building this 4WD camper.