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Up the Street

Saw these friendly blokes filling in two enormous holes outside the Hill Street Reservoir

 As I went past they were joking about leaving the other one overnight to see how many pedestrians they could catch.  The pickings would have been good. There's a pub on the other side of the road.

 They were working really hard as I came up the road, but when I got there they stopped work to let me pass.

Classic Road Worker pose
It reminded me of a little skit I once saw on one of those ABC comedy shows. The first scene showed the road workers hard at work. Then one calls out "Quick! Someone's coming!." After that, they all settled back, leaned on their shovels and pretended to be doing nothing until the person had passed.

When I told them about that, they obliged me with the above picture in suitable pose.
They did leave the other big hole, but by the time I came back from the shop it had a big barrier around it.
Nice work fellas!