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Suddenly a Wild Internet

A couple of months ago when I had such an appalling internet connection that I could only get on the net between 4 and 6 a.m. and not at all when the gamers were busy over the weekend, I cast about longingly for open networks with far greater connectivity than I had. There weren't any of course, but some really interesting names.I used to get the Cat Network, Happy Home and a couple of  other rather witty ones, but now only Bubbles and Suddenly a Wild Internet remain.

Mine will be one of those boring ones that just says Optus#zyzzzz#@!!# and has really poor connectivity

I only thought of looking them up again because of an article in yesterdays Age by Peter Munro * who turned up an interesting collection on a Wifi walk around Melbourne. How about "Asio Van" or "YourKidsAreUgly"  or maybe "I'm Watching You Sleep?" There is even an interactive map.

He also lists a website devoted to same where you can vote for your favourites and there's another list too at 
though the tone here seems more "rack off and get your own internet connection" rather than to entertain. However, I did like "Trapped in router, send help," and "Connect for Identity Theft" deterrent function nothwithstanding.  Network connection names do open  up a world of opportunity for creative expression you may not have thought of before. Great inspiration for people like me whose mind goes totally blank when confronted by dialogue boxes demanding user names or passwords.
Thanks for reminding me about this, Peter.

*You can also find Peter on]