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Apple and Cream Croissantes*

It's Sunday morning. I have just had apple and cream croissantes for breakfast. Not that I planned on it. I just forgot to buy bread yesterday. It rained all day and I was too busy reading my book. Either way they were delicious.

My sons have often asked me how it is that I can just invent recipes.  There are two ways really. This just illustrates the first. There were two lonely croissantes left in the freezer from when my son was here and I already had the stewed apple and the cream. I am convinced that my great reputation in the Food Lovers' Guide rested not so much on my ability cook - I just get bewildered when I have an unlimited range of ingredients, but upon my ability to produce something edible out of whatever is left around the house. This was an indispensible skill in a place where the bus only came two days a week, the roads were often closed by snow and you never knew whether there was going to be a stampede of Morris Minor Owners when you were expecting the three Life Members of the Wine Appreciation Society. Watch out for the forthcoming title "Five Hundred Ways with Two Minute Noodles that you might never have Imagined."

The second way involves cooking or shopping while not wearing your glasses. That is how our very popular hot and spicy Cajun Pumpkin Soup was born. I accidentally used Cajun seasoning instead of nutmeg, and it was too late to start another one. It was a big hit and we made it that way ever after. In the supermarket recently I bought chive and onion cream cheese instead of the usual one and only had fig and walnut bread to eat it with, but that too was a taste sensation. So the second way folks, is never mind the recipe. Just get it wrong and you never know what exciting taste treats might be in store.

While we generally eat and enjoy our mistakes, I wouldn't recommend the scrambled eggs with ham and custard powder.

Bon Appetit!

* Not recommended if you have a cholesterol problem