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Do not adjust your set, this is not a commercial!

More retail therapy. I know it's buy nothing new month, but that's my usual mode and as several of my offspring are having birthdays (funny about that - must be something to do with the onset of the cooler weather), I have been looking for small affordable things to surprise and delight. This place is a franchise of a UK company, however, all its products are handmade here and do not involve cruelty to animals. The smell in this shop is simply divine and the products aren't bad either, having been given some last Christmas and trying lots of free samples in the shop today.

Being a word packrat as friend Wynn (see his lovely fractals describes himself, I was very taken with some of the names :

Catastrophe Cosmetic, Breath of God, Mask of Magnaminty, The Smell of Freedom, The Sacred Truth, Cosmetic Warrior, Dragon's Egg, Snake Oil - to mention but a few.Then there are all those that sound delicious.

Love the names!

Good enough to eat! Just reading the ingredients makes me hungry.
 They say you should never go shopping on an empty stomach. The temptation to try some of these was overwhelming. Creme Anglaise with Vanilla and Saffron, Cupcake Facemask, Almond and Coconut Smoothie, Shower Jellies and Porridge Soap. The fresh face masks "made from organic fruits and vegetables" look like dips and ought be tasty. They probably wouldn't have too many kilojoules either. Not sure the same would be true of some of the things designed to be eaten. There is Chocolate Vanilla Lip Scrub for instance, made with Fair Trade sugar which you can lick off afterwards. Orange Choc Lip Balm sounds pretty yummy too though I haven't tried that one yet. Might save it for an after dinner treat.

As well as more typical lotions and potions - soaps, bath bombs, body butters, hair care products, moisturisers etc. they also have some highly original products. Dirty Tooth Tabs for instance, (for men of course), massage bars, glitter bars and the head -clearing Too Drunk Shower Gel. 

No, I am not getting paid for this free plug. Just wanted to share something that amused me today.
and yes, I will pay for a bit of wit and creativity.  The political correctness monitor on my left shoulder is harping on about using good organic produce for cosmetics, while people are starving in Africa and while many people including me, can rarely afford to buy it to eat, but I'm hoping that as a one -off occasional treat, they are not too sinful. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness and I am pretty sure a little laughter comes a close second.
If it makes you feel better, this company also has little charity pots from which the proceeds go to various causes, including research into the facial tumor disease that's wiping out Tassie devils. Products are generally vegan or vegetarian and use little in the way of preservatives. Packaging is minimal and from recycled materials where possible.
 I also bought fair trade coffee. So there! That's my shopping done.