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walking in the rain

I was supposed to meet a friend at the market today but it was raining and hailing so I tried to phone to call it off. No answer. No signal. The wind turned my umbrella inside out as I trudged down anyway thinking they would be really cranky if they had gone out in this weather and I didn't show up. After being rained on at the fountain for a while, I suddenly got a text message on my phone. "Not coming, too wet." The rain eased up a bit after that, so I took a few photos in St. David's Park where the rhododrendrons were blooming their little hearts out. I probably wouldn't have seen them if I hadn't gone out. Their season is very short.

St. David's Park was built on one of Hobart's first cemetries. Obviously excellent compost there and an excellent use for old cemeteries. In the background on the left though, you can see some of the tombstones that used to be on this site. They tell many interesting stories.