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Do people look like their dogs?

Gentle Charm -Nigel and Seb (Sorry it has taken so long to add this!)

Anonymous, Lower Sandy Bay

Do people really look like their dogs?
I have been testing this theory between master/mistress and four footed companion animal for some time and there do seem to be some similarities. The question is who takes after whom? Do people with a certain style choose a dog which resembles them in some way? Or is it the other way around? What do you think?
When I say look like, I don't necessarily mean appearance, though that is sometimes true too and certainly, neurotic people seem have frantic neurotic dogs and placid people have placid dogs, but more often I am talking about a symbiotic relationship where there are similar mannerisms, character traits or body language -a set of the head or the way they walk.

Stan with Skinny and Sooty at Boomer Bay
Stan's dogs are neat, busy and curious and I imagine he might be too. He did come and ask me what I was doing.
The lady below also has a border collie. When I first saw them, both were looking thoughtfully into the middle distance with exactly the same set of the jaw. Unfortunately, this changed the moment I asked if I could take a picture and they both turned to look at me with the exactly the same expression.

Bliss outside Pigeonhole Cafe

Lower Sandy Bay
I didn't really talk to the two ladies above, other than to ask if I could take their picture, but I imagine that the lady with the black dog is an assertive, go -getting sort of person who knows exactly what she wants and her dog as well.
Her companion looks more diffident, as does her dog. Friendly, cuddly and fluffy. Lil below, and her owner both have a bit of style and attitude and look just a little alike.

Nem and Lil (Lil is on the right) outside the video store.

Will and Sasha -friendly nature and Style

Diva and Rob -  Hey you guys even stand the same way!
Perhaps it's about personality. I always had border collies as a child. They were shaggy, friendly and bouncy and always looked like they were laughing. All three had a bad habit of chasing cars and rounding up sheep. You'll be pleased to know that I have given up chasing cars and rounding up sheep.

I will add more to this series in due course (i.e. when I find the rest of the photos). This will be an ongoing study. Feel free to send in your own classic examples and thanks to all the people who let me take pictures of them and their dogs and to the dogs who let me take pictures of them with their owners.

Meet Daisy, Louise, Lel (Daisy is the one on the right)
They are training for Tasmania's toughest mountain race, the Three Tops, - Mt Claude, Mount Van Dyke and Mount Roland, on Saturday, November 12. Total Distance 19.7 Km.  Wish you luck Girls! Let me know how you got on.

Evelyn and Zar
 I literally lurked outside this shop to see what the owner of this cute pooch would look like and I wasn't disappointed.

No, not Inspector Rex, but Maximillian and  Norton his owner. Both their eyebrows shot up as I flew past, late for an appointment.  Norton agrees that his friends think that he and Maximillian look alike, " Both lean and handsome." I think he said they said. At least they didn't bark.
When I first saw Archie (L) and Olivia (R) they were both running and laughing, blond locks flying
Tex, Jim and Butch (L -R
Loved the hair!
David and Chloe. "Of course I don't look like my dog. She's much prettier!"

John and Duke. Duke is the one in front. You both have a lovely smile!

Yes I know it's a terrible photo, but I couldn't resist this pigeon pair at the service station    That's Zane on the left, holding Polly and Sally is on the right holding Hugo