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Waterworld 2 or Domestic Disasters Chapter # 575

My washing machine developed incontinence this morning. I've just mopped up another two buckets of water and my floors are exceptionally clean. Yesterday the pump stopped working and I was exceedingly proud of myself for having run the diagnostics and cleaned it out.

Previously I had only been acquainted with the On and Off switch but was finally compelled to read the manual because my clothes were trapped inside and I honestly didn’t have a thing to wear. I couldn't get the door open while there was water in it, so there was nothing for it but to pull off the inspection panel, empty the thing manually and pull apart the pump housing. It wasn't entirely without its rewards. Apart from being able to get my clothes out, I found two $2 coins, two buttons and a whole lot of wet black stringy stuff inside the pump. For a moment I thought I had finally discovered that parallel universe where all the odd socks go, but it just turned out to be fluff from the bathmats that I' d washed the day before.

Anyway, I put it all back together, just the way the manual said (after pocketing the four dollars) and was just giving it a test run to see if the pump had burnt out and I had to call a repairman, when it started leaking all over the place. I've had two tries already now and am getting quite proficient at pulling it all apart and putting it all back together, only to have all the water pour out again. Have just done it again, so keep your fingers crossed. At least this time it's no longer a gusher and the machine is making the appropriate noises. The moment of truth will come in 48 minutes......

 48 minutes later...

It worked! It worked! I am so excited I want to tell the world. I just rang my oldest son. He sounds sleepy, but tells me he thinks I am a legend. Take that you repairmen!
Now that’s what I call intelligent design. A machine that not only tells you what’s wrong with it but how to fix it as well.

Wonder how long it will take before the floors dry out?