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Alright, Merry Christmas then!


One of the best gifts perhaps was the look of utter astonishment on the girls' faces when they came upon nibbled carrots and scattered peastraw mulch and the fairy dust where Santa's sleigh had stopped.
We didn't actually see Santa, but we could see where he had been.

And especially where the reindeer had been
We also had some very funny moments during the carrying out of forfeits. Four members of our team had to select a Christmas related product to sell to one of the neighbours - they chose the reindeer droppings, beautifully boxed, and proceeded to go door to door until they had made a sale. Youngest son doing a lap of the street in a wrapping paper toga and a tinsel lei was also much appreciated by the neighbours as was a spirited rendition of  Jingle Bell Rock. Good to know that the neighbours are a friendly and tolerant bunch. You never know when you might need to borrow a cup of sugar. That's if we ever dare to see them again without a prevailing friendly Christmas Spirit in the air.

 But I am going to add the lovely Tim Minchin Christmas song anyway.

                             Have a Wonderful Time!