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It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas

Looks like Santa might have traded in the sleigh
There are stockings hanging in the front window. I have a cold. There are Santas in the arcade and the queue in the ABC shop was so long, I gave up waiting. At home, the place looks like a bomb has hit. There is wrapping paper all over the floor and stuff I am trying to cram into my check -in luggage. Some sacrifices will have to be made. The computer? The books? Definitely not the pressies. I am a grandma after all. A few signs of life  down the road. Another addition to the Do People look like their Dogs?

Someone else has fairies at the bottom of their garden, too

And a missing turtle (same house). Hope you find your turtle!
Another sign of the times, different house
The banks here are in for a bit of opprobrium for not passing on the recent interest cuts. I haven't joined the party, because mine has treated me fairly well lately. I am not sure what they have done in the USA recently apart from foreclosing on mortgages and paying themselves bonuses out of public bailout (taxpayer's) money, but  Adbusters are giving them a bit of Christmas cheer which they would probably  rather not have.
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