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Only 12 more Non – Shopping days till Christmas!

Adbusters want to extend their traditional Buy Nothing Day over the entire Christmas Shopping season. Buy Nothing Day, begun in 1992 is now celebrated 64 countries around the world and co –founder, Kalle Lasn   “..wants us to bypass the tinsel, the tree and the tat and go cold turkey on consumerism for the whole festive period.”

It does seem like a more effective way to send a message to large corporations than occupying Wall Street. It is also better for the planet, although I will admit, not quite as good for the economy.
Wake up companies! We aren't all shopping online (well, only a little bit!). If you want to stay in business and keep the economy going, then make things which are really needed and which will last. Forget the planned obsolescence, the gourmet pet foods and the packaging.   Use our resources wisely. Don’t manufacture or trade in goods that create unnecessary or intractable waste, either in production, use or disposal. Services are better still.

If you need any more reasons not to shop, or overindulge, watch this!
Yes, I know these pictures were taken in the USA, but take a look around.