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Summer Monsoon

The thunder rolls. The rain buckets down. We are having a summer monsoon. Serves me right for hanging the washing out. Sorry to keep going on about the weather. It just continues to be a complete surprise.  The tree ferns are doing exceptionally well.They have reached the top of my kitchen window. Soon it will look like a jungle.

I was looking for an image from that doco that shows cities gradually being overgrown by vegetation. Couldn't find it it, but these films both look pretty good. Hope they are still on after Christmas.

Interesting screen shot here too – says please embed!
I also like the ad, though you may have something different on your screen. They presumably change according to what Google thinks your interests are. I wonder how they ever got that idea?

10000 Chinese Lay await love, Seek one & Join Now!

Hope I don’t give myself a communicable virus ripping that!
Nor do I have any right to chuckle over this when I don't speak a word of Mandarin. However, if I was marketing to an international audience I would probably not just look a word up in the dictionary. I would perhaps go down to the nearest Macca's and run it by an English Speaker.