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Reasons Greetings


I pinched this from Alex Day's webpost and he hasn't replied to my request for permission. Will take it off on request. I think it sums up my own thoughts as well as those of the other member of the LAX (Let's Abolish Christmas) Club, though I would like to keep all the fun things, just not the consumerism, the obligations, the tinsel and the tack.

I want my Atheist Pudding

by Alex Day on Saturday, 17 December 2011 at 23:03

As Christians get ready to celebrate an event they stole from the Pagans with an open display of their chosen lifestyle, I have started to consider the start of an International Atheist Day.

  • We could have banners in shop windows and street signs wishing us all a Happy Atheist Day.
  • Atheists could send cards to Non-Athiests.
  • We could buy them presents and expect them to do the same for us, even though we know they don't want to celebrate the occasion with us.
  • Families could get together and celebrate Atheist Day with lots of food, alcohol and domestic violence.
  • Thousands could come out and watch Atheist parades.
  • Atheist plays could take place in schools and public spaces.
  • People could walk the streets, roaming door to door, singing Atheist songs.
  • We could even organise concerts.
  • Television & Radio stations can fill the airwaves with Atheist movies, shows and songs.
  • The Queen, Governor General, Prime Minister & Premier could give us an Atheist Day address.
  • Our local politicians would place advertisements in the local papers embracing the day and wishing us all the best for it.
  • It could be declared a Public Holiday.

These are just a few ideas, I'm sure others could come up with more to make it a truly wondeful international event, after all us Atheists are everywhere.

The only problem I see is the politically correct Christians, Jews & Muslims etc, whinging and whining, hindering our activities and trying hard not to allow us the opportunity to celebrate because they are offended.

Meanwhile, I haven't done too badly this birthday. My family knows it's a touchy subject, but I couldn't resist putting this in either:

Cheers All!