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The beauty of small treasures....

A long legged giraffe stands tall by the door

 From the outside, this looks like a very ordinary 50's house and the interior spaces are quite small, yet some people have the knack of being able to transform bland spaces into something much more with just a keen eye and a little imagination. Inside, Tardis -like it packs in a lot more than can be seen on the surface and like a time machine it reaches back to the prehistoric past and forward to the science fiction future with a little fantasy and playfulness in between. I photograph the objects trying to capture a little of this, but the photos don't really do it justice. There's the juxtoposition of things. The high tech and the board games, the little groups creatively placed. The odd unsual thing. It reflects the owners' personalties rather well. There' s also a bit of a jungle theme going here.

Elephants  and zebras wander over tops of cupboards
And window sills
And over doors

Monkeys swing from cupboard doors

Another elephant finds a place in a tiny corner of the hallway

More elephants and a zebra
A fabric trim above a bookshelf
The study is more National Geographic
Frog and Paperweight

A bit of bedspread
Surprises where you least expect them
A specimen here and there - fossils, shells, books, maps, photographs of family and friends, lend gravitas and give the house a timeless feel with just a touch of humour

Cheers All!