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 It was a struggle but well worth it. Finally saw Melancholia. Here's how:
Son uploaded the film to my laptop. The small screen was much better and I was able to pause it and have breaks. I also drank ginger tea which is good in cases of motion sickness too. If  you are in a cinema and have the same problem with cyber sickness, try sitting as far back as you can.
Although the younger members of the family found the film a bit too slow as a disaster movie,  I liked the slow wind up and really appreciated the interesting cast, the strange light, the original script and the  non -Hollywood ending. I have become quite addicted to Lars Von Trier having watched his  series The Killing. It's too bad that so many of his other major films have the same problem. Will struggle on.

On toys, there have been a couple of interesting articles and posts. A friend sent me this link on Facebook to point out that Lego is going pink and trying to attract the other 50% of consumers.

Join the fight   at
Those who advertise to children are starting to feel the pain.
Advertisers Lose Ground in 2011 | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

And here's a clip of a little girl protesting about the excess of pink toys for girls in toy shops, something that got me going when I was there too, though I wasn't nearly as articulate.

Oh yes, and while we are at it, we should probably forget about those helium balloons as well.
On a more serious note, here's a bit about what landgrabs can do for your country too:
And lastly, for you Aussies out there, why we should be concerned about food labelling and landgrabs in our country too,