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Confessions of an invisible woman

Thanks for posting this one on Facebook Bec! It said that 36 people                                                                                                     had ripped it already, so I assume it's OK if I do it too

Quoted from: twentythree :

I blog therefore I am. Thanks to all the people or the two or three in five different countries who clicked several hundred times. According to the stats I now have 272 Aussie readers again and about 1093 for last month, so you are allowed to stop clicking. Either the stats are back up, or Blogger is trying to appease me by posting those numbers. Or are these all your friends C.? Thanks anyway, to whomever. Alas, the stats no longer show which cities these came from, so I don't know who you are, but it's nice to know you are out there.

Having zeroes there made me feel that I no longer existed and that if I was just talking to myself I may as well do it without paying for internet access.

So Hi Everyone or all five of you, it's nice to have you back!