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Another Bee in my Bonnet*

*[Students of English may want to look up this expression].
After going on about imported bees recently, I just read in the paper that there’s another invader bee which the authorities have been unable to contain.
First detected on a fishing boat in Cairns in 2007, the very aggressive Asian Bee is now making inroads in Australia. Not only does it not produce honey itself, but it robs the hives of other bees and swarms prolifically,
 creating another serious threat to the honey industry.  I can just see them all hitchhiking across the country much as the cane toads have been doing since they were introduced to help sugar growers.

Unrelated thought

By the way, have you noticed all the interesting new fonts?  Everyone has been complaining about too much Comic Sans Serif, but this could be overkill. This one is called Poor Richard.  Having just read the fascinating story of Times New Roman, I'd be very interested to know what's behind this one, not to mention some of the others. There’s one called Narkism for instance, though I have yet to be able to reproduce something in this font.
Here are a few of the others:_

Baskerville Old Face
Microsoft JhengHei
Bauhaus 93
Estranglo Edessa
Plantagenet Cherokee
MicrosoftPhagsPa – This one doesn’t come out on my machine
Microsoft Uighur –
I am not going to list them all. Look them up for yourself.