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The Unfortunate Underwear Incident

While visiting my older son and his girlfriend recently, I asked her what she thought he might like for his birthday.
She thought for a bit and then said, “He really needs new underwear but he only likes one particular kind.”
No problem I thought, I’ll take a pair when I bring in the washing and get them while I' m here. That way I’ll be sure of getting the right ones. 

Later, while we were seated in front of the computer and I was going through my bag looking for a USB stick, I noticed my son looking at me really strangely.
“Do I see what I think I’m seeing?  Are you really carrying around a pair of my undies in your handbag?” he asked.
Though I did try to explain what they were doing there, I’m not sure he was totally convinced. Either way, it certainly ruined the surprise.