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The Slippery Slope – Going Down

I bought cheap coffee this morning. It doesn’t have much zing. Last week it was no- name shampoo. It won’t be long now. Next week it will be rollies and then I’ll be looking for old newspapers to make a Flinders Street singlet so that I can sleep in bus shelters. I’ve already looked at every other way that I can possibly economise. I even turn off the vampire power users like the standby light on the computer and the TV. If my showers get any shorter, that won’t be a carbon footprint you’ll see, it will just be dirt.
One of my nightmares is turning into a bag lady and drinking this stuff makes it feel awfully close. Roll on Payday. Trouble is, by the time I have paid my bills – power, registration, insurance, the last rates instalment and the phone, I’ll be drinking this stuff for the rest of my life.