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The Beautiful Laundrette Tour

I really just liked the name of this one in South Hobart, though it does have good posters inside

No, there’s nothing wrong with the washing machine, cross your fingers and praise the deity -   I just thought these were rather nice. I am working on something positive at the moment, but it's taking a bit longer than it should, so I am just putting these in to keep you visually amused. I was going to take my sister on a special laundry tour of Hobart, but after the Rivulet excursion I thought she would be less than excited. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.
Once upon a time doing the washing was a social event as women gathered around the village pump or stream. They still do it in places like Bali and rural Nepal.  These places just embody elements of that community spirit. This is where you find out what’s going on in the neighbourhood and possibly meet some of the neighbours at a time when they aren’t too busy to have a leisurely chat. It beats watching the dryer go round and round.

Posters in the Lost Sock
Interesting Art Deco Building and good info at this West Hobart laundrette

Inside the North Hobart Laundrette it's almost a social event
This is my absolute favourite. The Machine Laundry Cafe
Here they have had the good sense to add a cafe
Even dogs are welcome here. On Sundays they serve puppyccinos outside
I forgot to show it in this picture, but above the diners there are clotheslines with oddments out of the wash.

A major feature of doing the washing in times past was catching up on the gossip, though not all these
       people are actually doing their washing. Some are just faking it so that they can have a cup of coffee.

I hope to add more to this page as I come across other interesting laundrettes.                                                                                 Let me know if you know of any that deserve inclusion.