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Serial Apocalypse?

First it was floods of biblical proportions in Queensland and a Cyclone. Then New Zealand had its massive Earthquake. Now it's Japan with a chart -topping  Earthquake and Tsunami and possible nuclear meltdown. If I was religiously inclined, I’d be maxing out the credit cards and preparing for the ascent into the heavens for the Chosen Ones.
I notice that the churches have been remarkably quiet about the situation, but after the Millennium Bug Fiasco and having cried ‘Wolf” a little too often, they are probably not taking any chances this time.

Sometimes I wish I was a believer. It would be a great comfort to think that this was part of some grand plan or that there was someone in charge, but since the innocent and devout, the good and the just are being swept away just as surely as the wicked and corrupt, it simply reaffirms my belief that it’s all totally random, that there is no kindly father in heaven or benign all -seeing being. 
It’s just the earth giving a shrug and letting us know that we are no more important or special than fruit flies or sea sponges – a sort of Post – It Note /Friendly Reminder from Mother Nature that we should enjoy life and appreciate what we have because at any moment it could be taken from us.
These events do make you ponder the big questions. I am wondering if I should I do the dishes or go for a walk. If I ask myself what would I regret most if the world ended tomorrow, the choice is obvious. See you folks, I am going blackberrying. Even if the world doesn't end tomorrow, it might rain.