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Another one of those days

 I suppose I should have expected it. It was Monday the After traipsing miles  to the address given on the phone company’s website, this turned out to be a pet food shop.  This was devastating as I had been waiting all weekend to see them. I’d already had one try at installing my Sim Card and their website says that after two failed attempts, the phone becomes unusable. That made me so nervous that I didn’t dare to try it a second time. I desperately wanted to know where they had moved to, but the street was practically deserted and most of the shops were closed. Did I miss something? Again?

Just as I was getting that ‘On the Beach ‘  last  person left alive feeling, I saw a plane lunge strainght for the CBD. Expecting the crash and flash at any moment, I latched onto the only other  human in sight, a man walking hurriedly down the street.

A plane plummets towards the CBD

 "Did you see that?"  I stammered. “What’s happening?”
“Regatta Day,“ he replied barely pausing for breath.

 To my immense relief the plane now did a U- turn and headed back up into the sky. Bugger, I thought another public holiday, but definitely better than the alternatives. I too headed towards the CBD. Luckily the bookshop for which my sister had given me a book voucher was open, so my trip to town wasn’t entirely wasted. I love the smell of bookshops. You don’t get that on the internet. Hallowed ground as it were – like libraries - and you feel you should only talk in whispers. Good to see that despite Kindles and online shopping they are now on the up and up again. After the shock closure of chains such Borders and Angus and Robertson, my secret fear was that if I didn't very quickly take up my voucher there would be nothing there the next time I came. It happens. 
The book I wanted wasn’t in stock but it is now on back order. The bad news is that while I was browsing the shelves for something else, I spent three times as much as my voucher. It could be worse. At least you can share books or pass them on and I do like hardcopy when I can afford it.

Not many people but love was in the air in the mall.
 "Love me, love my skateboard "

Thinking about the future of paper books, it's interesting to see how our attitudes have changed to the use of paper. I already have all newsletters and newspapers sent per email and only use recycled toilet paper. My solicitor accepts email instructions too. No more junk mail either, but still ancient forests are continuing to fall for trivial and transient uses such toilet paper and paper towels. Truly an obscene use! To see how our attitudes have changed though, where you stand and how far we could and should still go, see this article on the Care2 website.