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Another St. Valentine's Day

   "Watering a Heart" by Illustris

This lovely card is from the  Care2 website which has hundreds of petitions about all kinds of things you may be concerned about and butterfly rewards to help causes close to your heart, when you have achieved some success.

This Valentine's Day I won't be sending any cards or flowers or baking cupcakes for some hairy -chested bloke who takes my fancy. Instead, I will send them to those whose work I admire, those who have generously shared their time, their creativity and thoughts and those people who have been kind to me in crises of the body, heart or soul. Unfortunately, you often don't think of asking their names when it's a chance encounter in the street, someone helping you with your bags or providing service beyond the call of duty, so I am stocking up on coffee and tea vouchers and instant lottery tickets.

Some people think you should give the person whom you have done a favour a card which urges them to do the same for three others, thereby passing on the goodwill and tripling it. However I have some misgivings about that because that would place the recipient under some kind of obligation, rather than it just being a  gift freely given.

What do you think?

Make Your Mark
Care2 where I got this Valentine’s card is an amazing site where you can sign petitions for and or against  almost anything from Stopping Bullfighting to saving people on Death Row.

Admitttedly, many issues relate to the U.S.A.  e.g. the Keystone trans Canada Pipeline, or decorating the White House in pink and blue for Autism Day on Feb 2, but I think it’s OK too to praise when something good is happening and let people know that the world is watching. Many other issues have relevance here, or will sooner or later become an issue here as well – e.g. Fracking, so it is good to look well at those places which have done it first. Might stop us from making the same mistakes.
I have just clicked  one that says all politicians should get the minimum wage. Again, this applies to the U.S. A., but I think it would be a really great idea here too, if only for a fortnight. This would give our local blokes a  chance to see how far the money goes and as this petition says “Watch how quickly things will change.”
I have also clicked on the one about  Bank Bonuses, an issue dear to my heart. You may want to read George Monbiot's very witty take on this too. 

There is so much information on this site that it is mind bogglingly confusing but should I ever have cause to wonder what to do next, or how I can help create a better society or save the planet, there is plenty of inspiration here.

Love all,