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Why we need independent media

The Financial Times refused to run this ad. Please share as widely as humanly possible today to let Shell know they can't buy silence.
by: Crass

This is also why we need to fight SOPA and PIPA. It may look like U.S. issue, but it has already had an impact here with giant Roadshow Films et al trying to sue small  Australian ISP iiNet. However, the good news is that this time it lost., with the court concluding this week that iiNet was 'not responsible for bit torrent piracy' but the next company may not be so lucky.
Rally for the Future of Tech - Defeat SOPA and PIPA with the NY Tech Meetup and the New York tech community
Old  freedom fighters wore crusty battle fatigues and carried weapons. These days they may only carry a laptop, but the issues are just the same.
If Not Orwell, Then Huxley: The Battle for Control of the Internet - The Atlantic