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At last, a half decent banker!

Have been suffering separation anxiety from being away from my computer and am just catching up on all the news. There isn't all that much ultimately, but I did rather like this item, not that I would necessarily trust the man with my savings!

12:32pm | Stephen Hester, the chief executive of Britain's state-rescued Royal Bank of Scotland, will not take his hotly-disputed bonus of shares. 
One good banker gives the other 99% a bad name.

I am living in a strangely silent world. A drink bottle leaked on my phone during our trip and it made a funny noise and died when I tried to recharge it. Although my daughter gave me one of hers, it  unfortunately takes a ridiculous ten days to unlock it. It would have been simpler to buy a new one, but my old sim card has all my phone numbers on it so I really wanted to keep it. That really sucked when I was stuck at the airport for two and a half hours because I hadn't confirmed that I was coming in the morning, not at 8 p.m.  and had neither my son's number nor anyone else's I might have called. Makes you wish for the good old days before we had all those conveniences. Back then I might still have carried change for the phonebox if there was one, I may have have even had an address book or at least remembered one or two numbers off the top of my head. grumble! Grumble!

Thanks to the nice girl at the Optus shop in Midlands who tried really hard

It seems that the resident ants -the ones which moved in en masse while I was away, have good taste. Daughter went to the chocolate factory here just before she left and left the less favoured ones in the box on the table, knowing that sooner or later when desperate enough I would eat them. Anyway, when I opened the box last night, the nice ones - the fudges and such, were all totally covered in ants, but the strawberry creams and mint ones didn't have a single one. We all know about chocolate covered ants. Could I interest anyone in ant covered chocolates?