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World Kindness Week starts Tomorrow

Random Acts of Kindness Week begins tomorrow and runs from February 13 to the 19th.

Looks like I’ll have to bring the neighbours’ bins in again for starters, but what you do is limited only by your imagination. If that too is limited, or you just don't have time to think there is lots of inspiration on the Random Acts of Kindness website or any of the linked organisations.

 I especially like the idea of reaching beyond one’s normal comfort zone of family, friends and neighbours and doing something for people I DON’T know, just to see the look on their faces.
There is so much random meanness in the world and some people are just plain unlucky, so if I see someone who looks miserable or caught up in their own problems, I really like to pick on them first, though opportunities will present themselves everywhere.
Sometimes it's just a matter of smiling at someone, handing on your unused part of a parking voucher or letting someone get ahead of you in line. I also like the idea of paying for someone’s coffee or taking a homeless person for a meal. When I am in that frame of mind, I can never find anyone, but there’ll be someone whose life will be sweeter for something you or I have done. Even better if they pass that good vibe on.

I am also inspired by e- friend Jay who wrote me a poem long ago when I was feeling down.  Jay is a graphic artist and illustrator who raises funds each winter to buy hoodies, sleeping bags and healthy goodies for the homeless in London. During this freezing winter he has so far handed out seventy hoodies and sleeping bags. I know many charities do much in this regard, but I really like the direct person -to -person action. I’ll be featuring some of Jay's artwork here on future blogs, especially those which don’t have pics.

Jay, punching above his weight.

Others do it in other ways, like friend Jerry whom I've mentioned before and who is taking to the skies again to raise funds for suicide prevention. His Facebook Page always has inspiring stories, words and jokes. Since we just had an 11 year -old commit suicide and suicide remains a leading cause of death in both Australia and the U.S.A., I think this is very important too and another way for humans to stay connected.

Even if there isn't a single human on earth you want to do anything for, you can always do something for the planet - clean up, plant trees, petition against the worst abuses. Animals need our help too. And damn it, even if you are a hermit in a sea cave and are reading this, you should at least send an email and cheer these guys on and anyone else who is actually doing something half decent. 
To misremember and misquote a poem I once read by Christina Rosetti about not saying nice things about people when they are dead, but to save them for the living "whose hearts may break for want of just such things."
What will you do during Acts of Random Kindness Week? Let me know if you have come up with anything original or amazing.