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Dear Marjorie Bligh....

* Marjorie Bligh is Tasmania's very own Household Goddess

Meanwhile I have almost finished cleaning the post fairy -strike house – we didn’t have time to do it before our hasty departure. It’s not easy assembling gear for five people – one of them a baby, for an overland journey of 3,000 Km. The hardest part was of course squishing it all in together with three car seats, the kids and us.

Anyway, I thought I was finally down to the last load of washing -it’s been a perfect day for it and the glue and glitter on my bedspread has almost come out, but I have just discovered another stash of ants, chocolates and empty wrappers under the couch and that the couch has an even layer of sunscreen. 
Should I attack it with my usual weapon of choice Earth –friendly, multipurpose cleaner? Or will this ruin the leather? Or do I have to comfort myself with the knowledge that the couch will never suffer from skin cancer?

PS. 13/2/2011. In the bookshop today. Marjorie Bligh has a book out, though I didn't look inside and don't remember the title